Starting a Blog Is Easier Than You Think

Prior to starting Good Sense I was scared to blog. I didn’t have interesting topics to write about. I was scared of what people thought of my writing ability. I thought it was too time consuming to set up the blog, create a good design and actually write each post. I kept making up excuses to not do it because I was scared.

I was hanging out with Joel Gascoigne from Buffer and he inspired me to start my content marketing. So a week ago I decided to try it out and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. In a week my first post Why Design Should Be Part of the Development Process got 501 views and second post Compete On Quality Not On Price did even better and got 644 views. Check out the daily views below.

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 12.22.05 PM

Here’s How I Set the Blog Up

It wasn’t much work at all. I valued my time over money so I wanted to get the blog up with as little work as possible.

I started a hosted WordPress blog. I considered a self-hosted one for a second, but quickly realize it would take me a few hours to get it up and running. Then there’s maintenance involved later down the line too. I wanted a custom domain so I paid $13 for the domain mapping.

My next fear was creating a design for it. I found a free one that looked decent. Again, my goal was to just launch the blog and worry about the details later.

That was it and it only took me a max of 30 minutes to get it up.

Deciding What Topics to Write About

I took the same approach here as I took with setting up the blog. I didn’t want writing to be a huge time sink. I decided to write about topics I was deeply familiar with. I didn’t have to do any research. I didn’t have to think about what to write about. I just wrote.

All my life I was used to writing like I was writing a school paper. That all went out the window. Sure I probably have terrible grammar and spelling mistakes. My main goal was getting a new post out. James Altucher has some pretty good tips on being a better writer.

Starting a blog is just a mental hurdle. You can get over it. I was scared and embarrassed. It’s far from being successful, but at least I started it. What are your experiences with blogging like?


  1. calvincopyright · · Reply

    Why is it that no one writes about setting up self-hosted blogs? After trying several hosting sites, including WordPress, I decided I hated them all because they always charged for all the halfway-decent stuff (oh, I’m sorry, did I mention that I wanted to make my blog for as cheap as I could? sorry :S ). So, I try to find some stuff on getting a dedicated server online, and… (drumroll) practically nothing. ESPECIALLY the act of configuring the router to actually make the blog visible. So sad.

    Wishing futilely for a step-by-step “How I did this” to pop up…

    1. Because they don’t have any time left. It was all used to set it up:)

  2. im not good at playing with words. I fear most of the time about my blog posts:/

    1. You don’t need to play with words. Just write like how you talk.

  3. wow that’s a fantastic amount of views.. so far my best views is 13 on one day lol… I will get there in the end:)

    1. Well I had a breakthrough yesterday. 22k views. Keep writing. You’ll get there

  4. I’m a new/returning user here on my current blog, but I blogged a couple times per week for nearly a year in 2010 and I found the same things to be true. Blogging is much more about committing, just jumping in and putting out content, than it is about any style rules or grammar. I’m enjoying the ideas I’ve read of yours so far!

    P.S. – I’m finishing up my very first IT class, and shocked myself by really enjoying it! Like calvincopyright mentioned above, I’d be really interested in reading about setting up self-hosted blogs!

    1. I’m glad you like the topics. Yea it’s just about creating content. In the beginning you might not know too much about what your audience will read. Sometimes things get popular unexpectedly.

      The post that I received the most views and comments from is the one I spent the least time thinking/writing — It has almost 30K views and a ton of shares. I still haven’t figured out why it was so popular.

      Setting up a self hosted wordpress blog is pretty easy. A lot of hosting providers install it for you with a click of a button. Any other topics you would like to learn more about?

      1. 30K, that’s incredible! Good for you! With the shorter/least time consuming posts, I’ve found them to be more personal and generally less structured. For example, you’re HTML tags post. You complained about something that bothers you, however small, and people identified with it. The complaint, the liberation that comes with complaining, or likely a mixture of the two. Easier read + identifiable idea/emotion = sure to please!

        I’m still a pretty new and pretty basic IT learner, so I’m sure I’m not using the most appropriate terminology. I think I’ve gotten the hang of the whole self-hosted through a provider thing (that’s what I’m working on fine-tuning here on WordPress). I’m really interested in the details of personalizing a blog design. And as a freelancer, I’m even more interested in developing/designing custom websites. But my curiosity seems to be practically endless!

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